Jude turned 8 in February.  I finally got around to taking his birthday photos in May.  And I’m just now getting around to blogging them at the end of August.  Behind much, Lyndsay?  Yes, indeed!  Life has pretty much been eating me alive in 2016.  After a serious foot injury that knocked me off my feet and every aspect of life for 5 months, getting my act together just hasn’t been possible.  But I’ve slowed down, and that needed to happen.  Anyway….my duder is 8!  Not a day goes by that we are not thankful to the Lord that he’s here with us, healthy and strong!  He’s this really beautiful, faith filled, caring, kind person that so many people strive to be.  I’ve never met anyone more empathetic than Jude.  I know those qualities will serve him well in life.