My friend Libby of Libby Ann Photography came out to capture Jonah at a tiny 5 days old.  We had a tough time scheduling.  Time was very limited, Taryn was massively uncooperative and y’all, Libby rocked it with all the challenges that are photographers children and a fussy baby at the end.  It’s not easy photographing a photographer’s family and I’m so very thankful for each and every image she captured for us.  I think she did a beautiful job.

That first image up there….it’s brought me to tears more than once.  It’s a beautiful capture of my two sweet boys, but it’s so much more than that to me.  I look at it and I see this amazing, healthy little almost 5 year old little boy.  A little boy who rocked our world and changed so much about our family.  I look at this photo and see health.  And I know that without everything we went through with Teagan Jude, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.  I often wonder if I would have ever been healthy enough to get pregnant and carry a baby to term without all the changes we made as a result of Teagan’s vaccine injury.  We changed everything.  We got healthy. Before his injury we were on the verge of fertility treatments, frustrated that we weren’t getting pregnant.  My body was not in a good place, not at all.  And then we put everything baby and conception related to the side to heal Teagan.  And as we did that, everyone in our family healed along with him and reaped the rewards of a healthier diet and lifestyle.  And I look at that first photo and all I can think is that one sweet boy, brought me the other.  And I am so blessed and beyond thankful for both of them and God’s timing.

You can see all of the images in the slideshow HERE.  The music and song it is set to makes me tear up.  Wait for him….yes we did….3 years….and he’s so SO worth the wait!