Can y’all hear the sweet little girl giggles in these?!  I totally can.  I love the last two photos, I asked Joan and Jim to give Jennifer big squeezy hugs, so cute!  My sweet friend turned 3, I can’t believe that much time has gone by since her birth.  I’ve loved every second of capturing her over the last 3 years and was tickled pink that she was so excited about her special birthday session with me this morning.  It was a bit later in the year than usual.  Her birthday was actually 3 weeks ago (I was so sad to miss her birthday party) and we figured out this morning that Joan and Jonah share a birthday!  This was my first session back off of maternity leave.  And while most photographers are just now winding down from a crazy busy season, mine is just gearing up.  We tried as best we could to set up my sessions and maternity leave according to when we thought Jonah would arrive, but he definitely had other plans, so most of my maternity leave was used up being massively pregnant and in waiting.  I was a bit nervous about shooting being only 3 weeks postpartum, but it went great today and I feel good.  So, I’ll have 3 weeks of a crazy schedule, I’ll spend lots of time editing while nursing and then it will be calm again.  It’s good to be back!