Y’all.  It is SO hard to photograph your own newborn.  I’ll take photographing clients alllllll day long over photographing my own.  It is SO hard to do.  You’d think it would be easier because you can time it just right, have everything set up and not be crunched for time.  The problem?  He can smell me.  Or, smell my boobs really.  I am food.  And when I’m close by, he wants to eat.  Oy, it sure makes it difficult to photograph him.  My mom helped me with this shot and it’s the one and only one we got this day.  Home boy wanted nothing to do with photos and everything to do with eating.  Makes me SO SO glad we had several photographers photograph him, it really takes the pressure off and was easier on everyone to not have me do it!  Of course, I’m a glutton for punishment and still try.