These two are something else.  Partners in crime.  Duder was not in the mood for photos and spent most of our time yelling “no!”  The only smiles and moderate cooperation were thanks to Taryn hiding behind me and popping up to surprise him. I love my sassy Jesse and my grouchy little Woody.

But thankfully, even after a really rough night for Teagan last night, he had a much better day and we all had a blast today.  A few things I always want to remember about this Halloween….

  • We’ve reached the end of me choosing or having a say in their costumes, this was all them.  Thanks mom for picking them up for the kids!
  • Teagan insisting we play Monster Mash on repeat all day long and that we shake our booties.
  • There is a string of iphone videos of these two in costume that is hands down hilarious.  I need to merge them all together and share them.  Soon.  Ish.
  • Taryn was permanently attached to our legs, absolutely unwilling to go up to a door at first, and then when she did she refused to speak.  When I asked her why she looked at my like I was totally crazy and said “I don’t talk to people I don’t know!!”  But midway through she was good, just had to get there in her own time and in her own way.
  • Teagan, on the other hand talked to every single person he came in contact with.  He marched right up to the first house and every single one after it, said “trick-or-treat” and “yee haw” and “thank you”.  He even threw in a few “see you later guys” for good measure.
  • Crazy they are from the same gene pool right?
  • Taryn asked me tonight about all the costumes she has worn over the years.  I had to really stop and think….a ladybug, a monkey, a pig, a dog, a buzz lightyear and now a jesse.  Teagan has been a monster, a karate kid and Woody.  I wonder if I could recount Ty and 13 Halloween costumes.  Maybe, but I’ll need some coffee first!
  • We got to hang out with and visit friends, so thankful for them.
  • Our ‘trade your candy for junk I would never normally buy store’ worked like a charm.  They loved it and happily traded their candy for the prizes!  My mom rocks.
  • I didn’t take one photo of Ty in his costume.  Total bummer.  He ditched us like hot potatoes.  Ah well, I can’t blame him for wanting to be with his friends.
  • Duder was really upset when he figured out Ty wasn’t going out trick-or-treating with us.  He laid it on thick, cried, pouted and demanded (not so nicely) one more “hug and tiss” before Ty headed out.  And then scowled some more.
  • Thank you to my dear friend Sara for the red glitter boots!  She got them for T for her birthday this summer and I’m so glad they still fit her for Halloween.  She has been stomping around in them for months and she got a lot of compliments on them tonight.
  • Duder’s candy bag got a lot too.  I can’t wait to start using it as my trinket and goodie bag at sessions.
  • The green nail polish on T….leftover from when my mom was here last week.  So not something I would do.  But I’m the mom and a stick in the mud.  The gee is fun.  And the gee said yes to green nail polish.  I’m glad she did because now that she’s returned home, it makes me smile.  Miss you mom!