It was so difficult to say goodbye.  At 18, she lived a long, full, life.  She was the best dog and we loved her so much.  Our family is sad and our house feels a huge void without her.  We told the kids Friday afternoon, so they would have some time to process it and spend some extra time with her.  We loved on her, gave her a bath, a few extra blankets, I cooked her a large, juicy, steak.  We chose to have the vet come to our home on Saturday.  When the time came and she arrived, we gathered around Kylie as a family, prayed over her and said our goodbyes.  Jase and I stayed with her and loved her until the end.  I still can’t believe she’s gone.  We’ve never been a family without her and we will miss her tremendously.

I’m counting this photo in my 365 even though it wasn’t taken on Saturday.  I just couldn’t pick up my camera on this day.