and livin large! Thanks for all the comments =)

No baby yet, but we’re getting closer and making progress. My OB is out of town and the Nurse Practitioner told me to “be ready” after she checked me this week. I have an ultrasound tomorrow to see if the baby has flipped over yet….please say a prayer that he has….I have a fear of c-sections but we’ll do whatever it takes to get our little man here as healthy as possible.

I think this qualifies as a Quote of the Day: Jason has taught Taryn to run up to the belly, point at it and say “HEAD DOWN BOY, HEAD DOWN“. It was seriously cute the first 25 times are so!

I think we’re all a little anxious knowing it’s getting so close. I’m uncomfortable and crabby. I’m trying to remind myself to enjoy these last few days because this very well may be the last time I’m ever pregnant. That’s the emotional side, the physical side just wants to yell “GET OUT!”…..yeah, it’s safe to say I feel done. I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can with Taryn during the day knowing our “girl time” is about to be infiltrated by a boy 😉 We usually just have “our boys” as we lovingly call them on evenings and weekends because of school and work. T and I went shopping and out to lunch today and had such a good time, but man was I whooped when we got home.

Oh, and my cute (and rather brilliant if I do say so myself) husband says he’s just about done with my computer. He was able to get some of the info off the hard drive and then had to totally wipe everything out. Basically a new computer. The genius bar at Apple couldn’t fix, but he did it so I guess that makes him brilliant and a genius?? It’ll take me forever to get everything set up to be the way it was….but if I can at least get to the point where I can upload photos and proof before the baby makes his appearance, I’ll be happy. Wish us luck!