I’m back!!  My computer is lit up!  It’s not 100%, it’s going to take awhile to get things running smoothly again, but I managed to get photoshop going.  To celebrate, I decided to ask Ty to take a few shots of the belly today. He was
totally psyched to use the 5D. He did really good and even caught a few
of Taryn coming over to yell at my belly "HEAD DOWN BOY, HEAD DOWN!"


And he is head down!  After a horribly uncomfortable night last night, he managed to flip over.  I knew he was trying at around 11:30 pm.  I was so miserable but I just wanted him to flip, I honestly didn’t think he made it though when I fell asleep after 2 am.  But today at the ultrasound they confirmed it, he’s head down, measuring in at about 6 lbs and 9 oz!  Let’s just hope he doesn’t manage to flip back over again (for both our sakes)!  He sure does look like a cutie, Jase and I both commented that he looks like he’s got chubby cheeks =)  I was having contractions 7-8 minutes apart all morning, but they quit while we were there.  We’re getting sooooo close!