Jan 25, 2008
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I miss you. I’ve been good to you. I am loyal. I laugh at the mac/pc commercials. But you went and crashed on me. I’m going crazy without you. I can’t upload photos, I can’t proof, I can’t share. Do you know how crazy this makes me? I have adorable photos on my camera of Little T, and they just sit there, begging me to play with them, but you won’t let me. Don’t you know that this is not a good time to die on me? I have a baby coming any day. A baby that will be photographed, excessively. You have failed me when I need you the most. If you decided to snap out of it and magically start up, I would totally forgive you! Go on, give it a try.



  • OH I totally know how you feel. The other day I recently deleted all my photos…WHAT WAS I THINKING…*it was an accident*. I was horrified!!! I luckily had my pictures backed up on external hard drive. But I have NO pictures from this month. NONE!! ohhh the horror! I hate myself for it. I hope your iBook comes back to you!! Good Luck

  • oh man, that stinks! hope you get your ibook up and running soon. everytime i check your blog i keep expecting to see photos of that new baby! good luck and i can’t wait!

  • Okay, separation anxiety… How are you? I feel like the next time you post, Teagan will be weeks old! Hope you are doing well. We miss you!

  • ok… having withdrawls. Reading your blog is a part of my daily routine and I am lost without you posting.
    Hope your doing well.

  • Its been almost a week. Does this mean Teagun is here?! I hope all is well and I can’t wait to have a new post. 🙂

  • –chirp— chirp —
    anybody home??
    Did the iBook ever came back?
    Or was it detained by the sudden arrival of Mr. Teagan??
    –knock knock— Hello?? are you there?
    I’m having some withdrawals here..!! You have a demanding crowd.. it’s been 5 days!!!

  • Dear ibook,
    We miss Lyndsay. Smarten up. Fast.

  • Dear ibook,
    We miss Lyndsay. Smarten up. Fast.