I am pretty sure I’ve been nesting since yesterday.  I woke up and cleaned out the fridge and then went grocery shopping with Taryn and purchased enough food to do some freeze ahead meals.  I then came home, cooked several lasagnas and proceeded to clean out our big old pantry.  Today I’m tackling a bunch of different chicken dishes.  Having lots of contractions, some Braxton Hicks, some just down right painful.

And because I haven’t posted that many photos lately, here are a few of T….getting ready for her afternoon nap.  Sofie, her favorite blanket, her pillow and of course, her favorite "toy mag-zeens" and books.  Christmas shopping created a monster, she now sorts through the toy magazines telling us what she wants.  And of course anything she wants, but doesn’t have, "Meredith has dat".  If we didn’t know better, you’d think Meredith lived at Toys-R-Us!  LOL

((please excuse the coloring on these if they are off – I still haven’t managed to calibrate my computer))


I also wanted to say thank you for all those who have asked about Ty and the dog bite situation.  We thought it best not to post much information about it because the circumstances got very complicated and overwhelming for a bunch of different reasons.  It will likely result in a lawsuit, so we are being careful what we put out there.  A few established facts we can share, the dog was told to attack Ty, the owners lied about the dog being up to date on it’s vaccinations and it was without a doubt the worst case the Sheriff’s office has had trying to get an dog quarantined (their words, not mine).  Thankfully, the dog did not end up having rabies.  We were very diligent in staying on top of all his treatments, which ended yesterday, as well as his antibiotics to protect him from a myriad of other illnesses he could have contracted.  He’s doing well.  Thank you again for all your concern and well wishes.