If you know this family, and many of you do, then you know that they are strong and kind.  They fought hard and had faith, so that they could be together on this day.  They are a family who deserves, right now, more than ever, to be blessed.  And today, they were.

Everything went just right.  Every detail fell into place.  From his timely arrival so that his daddy could be there, to MC keeping her blood pressure in check for weeks against the odds, to deciding when it was time to head in to labor and delivery, and me rushing to pick up Jon and speeding both of us to the hospital as MC hit 8 cm fast, to a dream VBAC delivery and a healthy baby.  I know that God put all these little pieces into place for them and I am so thankful I got to be there to witness and capture it all for my dear friends.

MC, Jon & Jack, congratulations from the bottom of my heart, we are all so thrilled for you.