I love photos.  The best thing about this job, is capturing a small moment in time.  And even when things change, a family grows, your baby is suddenly toddling around and no longer a tiny baby in your arm, you still have that photo.  That photo won’t change, even when life and people do.  I love that.  I love capturing this family, they have invited me to capture so many wonderful moments for their young group over the years.  The kids are growing so fast, it’s just a blink of the eye and it’s suddenly changed and different again.  But a photo stops it, just for a second, it captures it and makes it stand still so you can hold it, not just in your heart, but in your hand too.  I love that.  Jennifer stood back and looked at her husband and children this morning, absolutely glowing, and whispered “I’ve never been happier”.  That happiness comes shining through in so many ways and I’m counting my blessings that I was chosen to capture it.