It says "Trouble is spelled B-R-O-T-H-E-R".  Shoulda bought the one that says "Here comes trouble!"


Little stinker got into my camera bag this morning and swiped my stash of stickers.  She took off into her room to hide with them and this is what I found once I realized the house was wayyyyy to quiet =)

And here is the ohhh sooo innocent "who??  me??" look….


She makes me smile.  I missed my family this weekend.  I was gone all weekend except for a few hours on Sunday and spent that time working on re-doing Ty’s room (it’s gonna look awesome when its done!) and proofing.  She woke up this morning with so much to tell me.  First up, bobo inventory.  LOL!  As soon as I opened my eyes she went over every bobo I missed over the weekend.  I kissed each and every one, she considered us all caught up and we started our day.

Do y’all say boo boo or bobo?  I know Anne-Marie is laughing at me now, she heard me say bobo on our trip to Austin and giggled.  She tells me it’s a Louisiana thing (her husband is from here).  I love the way Taryn says bobo….what do you guys say??

  • We definately say boo boo….isn’t bobo a clown? LOL! Actually, we have always called them “owies”.

  • I say boo boo (but remember that I’m a yankee ;)) Kevin says bobo. I say Bobo is a clown. He says Booboo is a bear. Who wins? And yes, we’ve actually had this conversation many times. lol.

  • From PA and we say booboo. Never heard it called bobo lol.

  • I say Bobo! Maybe it is a Louisiana thing 🙂 Isn’t the clown called Bozo, not Bobo?? I’ve heard people call their baby “boo boo” as in baby/sweetie/etc. But cuts and scratches are definitely bobos :)~

  • Kristin – you are right LOL!!! It’s Bozo..not Bobo. I don’t know what I was thinking! 🙂 Sorry Lynds!

  • LOL!!! That’s so cute!
    Ummm…Lynds, I think it’s boo boo, atleast that’s what we say, I’m in Atlanta!

  • My god she is soooooooooooooooo cute!!
    I love her shirt .. and your colors are perfect Lindsay!!

  • It’s definitely boo boo here ( michigan)
    great pictures!

  • She’s so stinking cute!

    (and its definitely boo-boo here in Buffalo NY!)

  • I can’t believe how big she is getting?

    In my family we call pacifiers bobos and cuts/bruises boo-boos.

  • I’m telling you. I never heard the word “bo-bo” before my husband! Oh, the battles we’ll see in our household when it actually comes time to use that word! On the bright side, I think “bo-bo” is kinda cute.

  • This is so so cute!

  • We say Bobo, but then, I’m from Louisiana too. I was in elementary school when my family moved from Louisiana to Alaska. My new friends in Alaska all made fun of me for saying bobo.