As mentioned in my previous post, my family drank a lot of hot chocolate in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Perhaps it is because it’s freezing outside.  Well, ok, freezing according to Texas standards…but in my defense it has snowed 2 times at our house this year, once on Christmas Eve no less!  And our house is drafty in the back.  And we like chocolate (ovaltine and milk really).  Christmas Eve we all gathered in the kitchen as Jason prepared our tradition of hot chocolate before bed.


This year, a certain someone was juuuuuust tall enough to do this:


Marshmallow thief!!!!



No charges were pressed and he was pardoned immediately on grounds of uber cuteness.


He was VERY into putting his own marshmallows in….


That tongue concentration thing is a Stradtner trait…they all do it.  Weirdos.  When I asked Teagan if I could have one, he reluctantly agreed….


Wait….what’s that?….Teagan is willing to share the marshmallows?!….Swooooop


That girl never misses an opportunity to take something from her brother.  Moms of 2 and 4 year olds, you know what I’m talking about right?  Sharing and “MINE!” are huge around here.  I intervened in the name of Christmas peace and the looming crisis was averted.  After a quick stare down….


They went back to their respective drinks with the exact same number of marshmallows in each glass….




And now I have to go turn on my itunes….I have the hot chocolate song from Polar Express in my head and it’s driving me nuts.  Hot, hot, hot, hot choclate!

ps – If you are bored and want to see more of our Christmas snapshots, click here.  I normally don’t post them and just send it out to the grandparents as it’s a bit long and possibly boring to those who don’t know us ;).  My mom told me to get over the need to give each photo some love – so they were all batch processed (which I normally hate doing).  Out of focus, grainy, odd crops, wonky color and all 🙂