I’ve been grasping to Teagan’s baby days.  And yet they are escaping me.  He will be 2 in 37 days.  But there are so many things I love about having a toddler boy in the house again.  Rough.  Tumble.  Sweet.  Dirty.  Funny.  The way he makes car noises with instinct.  The way he clutches onto things with his chubby little hands and drags them with him everywhere he goes.  His fascination over anything with wheels and dinosaurs and anything big or loud.  He’s turning in to a boy.  And I love it.

Tonight, as I laid down with him in his bed to read him a story, he clutched on to his favorite buzz lightyear glow in the dark flashlight.  We turned out the overhead light and he pointed his flashlight at the pages as we read.  When we were finished reading, I asked him if he was done with the buzz light “uhmmmmm NO”.  So he’d shine it on the ceiling and wall, wiggle his fingers in front of the light, bring it up to his cheak and give it a hug.  For 45 minutes (he’s usually a 5 minutes after story time, out like a light kind of kid).  We chatted and sang and every now and then I’d try to convince it away from him with no luck.  And then my eyes closed as I started to drift off to sleep.  It must have been not too long after that when Teagan rolled over, yelled “ALL DONE” and whacked me in the head with it.  Awesome, thanks duder.

He reminds me so much of Ty at this age.  Except Ty was all about batman and spiderman.  He’d tell me story after story that always started with someone going into “the woods”.  Because that’s how all good stories start, don’t ya know?!  Ha!  We’d lay in bed at bedtime each night and read story after story and then he’d throw his arm around my neck and squeeze with all his little boy might.  Those days and memories are so precious to me.  And now I get another go around with Teagan.  This next year is going to be so rich, so fun, a little challenging and I can’t wait.