nature unit homeschool

This week was all about nature, trees, the earth, recycling and more.  We read a lot of books, explored nature and talked a lot about this beautiful world we live in.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Leviticus 17:16
Character Responsibility
Letter of the Week Dd
Number of the Week 4
Shape Rectangle
Color Green
Theme / Science Trees
Physical Education Climbing
Health / Food Molybdenum / Cucumber
Sensory Nature Box
Art Handprint Tree
Music The Earth Song
Story Time The Giving Tree
Play / Game Hiking treasure hunt
Field Trip Nature & Science Center
Additional Resources:
A Tree is a Plant
The Alphabet Tree
D Doodley Do Song
That’s a Rectangle Song
Trees Toob
Spot It Jr.
Earth Day Printables
What if everybody did that?
Our House is Round
Adventures of an Aluminum Can
Adventures of a Plastic Bottle
Michael Recycle
Why should I recycle?
I can save the earth