We ordered Jonah’s costume months ago (from this seller) and as the days marched on with me being overdue, we seriously started to wonder if that purchase was a little optimistic.  As we started to think about evicting him after 42 weeks, we were looking at a Halloween date or November 1st or 2nd.  Thankfully, our little man arrived of his own free will.  And we got to use the super cute, a little nerdy, costume.  I tried to convince Miss T to go with Star Wars too, but, she’s got a mind of her own.  And I love that she’s such a non-conformist girl.  She wants to be what she wants to be, gender roles be damned.  I love that!  I give you R2D2, Darth Vader and the ninja!  Ty is past his prime for dressing up so he stayed home and passed out candy on Halloween while the rest of us walked the hood and begged for candy none of us can eat.  The kids traded their candy for a toy and Ty dumped it all in some lucky kids bag right before we turned our porch light out for the night.  Taryn and Jude could have cared less, no big deal.  They had fun and they got their one safe piece of candy from us that night too.  Oh, and while passing out candy, Ty got distracted and dropped his phone in someone’s candy bag. Thankfully, that someone was honest and called the number listed as “dad” so they could return it. Good people rock.