Just a few photos of Jonah at 6 days old.  He’s now over 2 weeks old, which is just crazy to me.  He’s changed so much since I shot these photos of him.  He looks SO much like Teagan Jude now.  In fact, we’ve all mistakenly called him Teagan a time or two they look so much alike.

I sat down at my computer for the first time in days tonight.  I had to download my memory cards because they are all full.  I haven’t been posting much, or sharing, but I have been photographing him quite a bit.  I managed to come down with mastitis at 9 days postpartum and man, I forgot how much mastitis makes you feel like death.  It is awful.  And since we don’t do antibiotics it was a new arena for me to treat it naturally.  Thankfully my mom got here the day before it hit me like a wall and was able to take care of me (and Jonah and the other kids and the house….).  Yeah, pretty sure my mom needed a vacation from her vacation by the time she went home.  Anyway, I’ve returned to the land of the living.  I’m feeling so much better and somewhat functioning again.

ps – I looooove the birth mark on his little bum.  Love.