Yes, October was 3 months ago, but I’m making progress in catching up around here!  At least September is done 😉  Anyway, I looked forward to this session for almost an entire year that they were on my books and meeting them and capturing their family did not disappoint.  So fun and their little guy with his sweet smiles, expressive eyes and rock star hair stole my heart.  Their order came out beautifully, she did a wonderful job in choosing images for her album, canvas and storyboard.  Sometimes we photographers sit in front of our screens and cheer on our favorite images come ordering time and I think she chose each and every one of my favorites 😉  And now I get to look forward for another entire year for their session next fall!

ps – remember when I said in their sneak peek that the dad looks like someone famous but I couldn’t put my finger on it!?  THE ROCK, he looks like The Rock!  HA!