she really isn’t a morning person.  she usually wakes up with random complaints and voices them ((loudly)) before anyone even has a chance for their feet to hit the floor.  our auto response is “good morning taryn, how did you sleep?”  or “good morning taryn, how are you?”  which always results in a blank “how dare you interrupt me in the middle of my issue with such chipperness” stare.  i’m hoping she’ll grow out of it.  ty’s not much of a morning person either, but has gotten better through the years.  she’s also been on a food strike and has lost 3 lbs.  there are days for our own peace of mind we literally just put food in her mouth at the table in hopes she’ll decide to chew it up.  or at the very least a little of the nutrients will soak in to her cheaks from the inside.  yeah, it probably doesn’t work that way huh?  sigh….i have no idea where she’s getting her energy that abounds.