Over the last several days Teagan has been showing signs of having a new lovey.  He’s 100% a blankie boy and it goes everywhere with him.  If we happen to pick him up and leave the blankie on the floor those legs start kicking and he arches his back until you bend over and pick up the blankie.  Blankie is serious stuff.  It’s a must when he’s tired or ready to nurse.  But, over the last few days he’s added a dog to his blankie fix.  Just to be totally clear, blankie is still numero uno.  I was taking a few pics of the kids this morning….

and thought I’d catch him with the dog…..I decided to start with just a photo of the dog….

and then I started to channel my inner erin vey

I think I should stick to people and leave the dogs to the pro….

I put the dog on the bed to take a shot of it….duder was not pleased with the separation.  At all.  Mean old Momma.

Ahhhhh, reuinted.  Love the doggie.

Now I just need to catch a few of him with his blankie too.