well, technically it’s saturday early am since it is past midnight, but it’s nowhere near my bedtime just yet, so I’m going to say it is still Friday for my own sake.  and there ya go.

1.  So excited to see so many people throwing their cities in the mix here and over on the Facebook fan page.  Looks like Seattle, Chicago and maybe Nashville are in the lead….I haven’t done an official count so keep them coming if you think you’d be interested in a session.  No official dates have been set yet but I’m thinking either the fall or January due to my birth schedule and being on call.  I’m excited to plan it all out….

2.  my debate of the evening, tomorrow’s activity….go to the austin ice cream festival, or go work out.  hmmmm, decisions decisions.

3.  Taryn is sick.  Did I mention that?  Well, first, Teagan and I both got sick on vacation.  Then Taryn managed to catch a nasty bacterial infection while at the beach.  Not fun.  My girl has been in a lot of pain and it’s been a long week for all of us.  We’ve got to follow her treatment plan carefully to get her ready for surgery in a few weeks.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned that here yet either, she was diagnosed with sleep apnea and after months of different issues we will have her tonsils and adenoids removed very soon.  The doctors have been preparing us for this for awhile, but it’s not easy to hear when the decision is made and you face having your child hospitalized.  We’ve got to get that girl well first though.

4.  Teagan his 18 months this week.  Crazy.  He is everywhere and into everything.  There are no toys, there are no playthings.  There are only things to conquer and leave behind.  He’s a crazy, fun, mess right now, so many new things each and every day.  I love it.  Every minute of it.

5.  Working my way through the mini sessions….check back this weekend for two more plus Jodie’s beach session, I’m determined to get a lot of work done this weekend.

6.  Speaking of Jodie, I got all our photos she took at the beach of my family.  LOVE THEM.  Seriously LOVE them.  Must find a place in my house to display and print them big, kind of love them.  Will share some more soon….

6.  I went and did some things for me today.  It felt good.  I forget to take care of me sometimes.  But I’m going to do better.  Starting now.  I’ll talk more about this soon, but I need to wrap my mind around it first.

7.  I am going shoe shopping tomorrow with the entire family.  I dread it.  I hate shoe shopping.  Yes, I said it.  I’m a girl and I hate shoe shopping.  Well, I more hate it as a group of 5 people.  Going by myself, it’s alright, in and out, easy peasy.  But everyone together, its a big group of picky people, it takes forever, no one agrees on what the kids should get.  No, really it’s just the boys.  Taryn is easy, pink chucks are her signature shoe.  I usually make Jase take the herd but tomorrow I cannot avoid it.  I need shoes too.  Tennis shoes.  I’m due, I haven’t had a new pair since before I got pregnant with Teagan.  It’s time.  Academy, consider yourself warned.  The herd is headed your way and it might get ugly.

7.  I also have an entire session of images to share that I took of Taryn at the beach.  Love them all….especially this one….

8.  Tonight, I am feeling inspired by Beth, Terry, Marla and Mark.

Nighty night!