3 is my favorite number?  My most favorite little girl in the whole world turns 3 in 3 days.  Stay tuned for birthday pics!


"Super T" pretty much has her own identity around here…."Super T wants some juice please"…"Super T doesn’t want to take a nap"…and when Teagan drops a toy or Kylie needs to be let in or out, it’s "Super T to the rescuuuuuuuuuue!"  Super T also gets blamed for things her alter ego doesn’t feel like fessing up to.  As a result, Super T has grown to dislike timeout.  Yeah, I’ve got a lot of nerve punishing a super hero?!  The funniest part is that she pulls her little arms up and over, fists clenched and hikes up that knee before she "takes off".  The other day I walked into her room and found her taking her beloved cape on and off, then back on and off again.  I had to giggle as I heard her say "now I’m Little T, now I’m Super T, now I’m Little T, now I’m Super T".  We pretty much live Super T alllll day, every day.

ETA:  T got this cape for Christmas, you can see a photo of the back of it HERE (just scroll down a little and you’ll see it).  It’s monogrammed with her initial on it and super cute, but not cheap.  Yup, it was a Gee-Gee gift, I’m kinda cheap like that.  But, I can tell you it has been worth every single penny because she has worn it almost every single day for months (except on vacation) and it looks brand spanking new even with tons of use.  She loves it that much.  My mom bought it from Chasing Fireflies and they have both a girl version and a boy version.  Hope this helps!

Oh, and the "3" thing got crazy today.  T had her 3 year check up at the pediatricians office.  It’s 3 days until her 3rd birthday on the 21st (add those numbers together and they equal 3)…then, she weighs 33 lbs and is 3 feet 3 inches tall.  Crazy!!