I am overjoyed for these two and I’m so excited to share this with you!!  I’ve had to keep this a secret for so long and I’m so horrible at it!  But I did it and now I can finally share with all of you and scream – MY FRIENDS LEE ANN AND ALLAN GOT MARRIED!!!  And I got to be there!!!  Now technically, I don’t usually take on weddings, but when one of my very dear friends confided they were eloping and really wanted to hire me, I couldn’t say no.  Lee Ann just isn’t a friend I can say no too.  She’s just that amazing friend who loves you for who you are, is always supportive, real, honest….I cannot say no to her so thankfully it worked out with my schedule.  It was so fun to be in on the secret and go wedding dress shopping with her and help with details.  I am so very thrilled for these two, I lost track of how many times we all teared up.  The ceremony was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, their good friend was ordained and that made it even more special.  I hope they will send me a copy of it and share it with their family too because it was just *that* beautiful.  They each had a best friend at their side, said I do and toasted with champagne.  A huge and fun aspect of the evening was that they were hosting a dinner at The Daily Grill, but friends and family had no idea why.  The reaction when they walked in as man and wife was just so thrilling and happy.  I love love love the expressions of their parents, especially Allan’s mom, as they announced it!  Lots of tears on this day, and I’ve said it before, if I could choose unending happiness for one friend, Lee Ann would be it.  I adore them both and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!