HAHA…makes you wonna duck and run for cover huh?  I was playing with my new lens yesterday in Ty’s room with Taryn and turned to see out of the corner of my eye that I was under attack on the other side of the window!  LOL…. what is it with 9 year old boys and Nerf?

I have  1/2 day of sanity left before school gets out!  12:31 pm tomorrow  my mom picks up Ty from school and they are going swimming at the club to kick the summer off right!  Then what would normally be mine and Jason’s date night will be a surprise for Ty, we’re going to bring him to the movies!!  Can’t wait to see Shrek 3!

Haven’t had time to write much out lately and I miss it.  Trying to tie
up all the loose ends before I close the business for the summer has
been so hectic.   And I had to bring both kids to the doctor this morning.  Ty fell off his bike a few weeks ago.  He bit the concrete pretty bad, had a few bumps and bruises with skinned knees.  Normal 9 year old boy stuff.  He has a spot on his side near his hip bone that had a bruise on it and it just wasn’t healing well, so I brought him in this morning thinking it was worth having it looked at.  We have an amazing pedi, just love her (and I’m super picky about doctors)!  She decided to have do an x-ray to rule out a small fracture.  Thankfully he’s fine, no broken bone, but the fall did result in some internal bleeding.  The hematoma should correct itself over time.   She said "hematoma" and my heart hit my stomach.  So glad he’s ok.  Taryn was very confused at to why Ty was going nite nite on the table at the dr’s office today….too cute.

Taryn has been a huffy little fit throwing ball of drama lately.  I think the Terrible 2’s are upon us.  I honestly wasn’t prepared.  I should have been, but I can only remember one good fit Ty threw at that age.  He was such a sweet 2 year old.  3 was a little rougher, but not nearly as bad as Taryn is now even at 22 months.  I lost track of how many times today she yelled at me, told me "NO!", stomped off, crossed her arms and scowled at me or became limp noddle baby with wild kicking legs when I tried to pick her up against her will.  It’s exhausting, totally exhausting.  One minute it’s total drama, the next, it’s "Mommy, huggie"…..awwww.  Motherhood is such a fabulous rollercoaster.  I say fabulous because she is now sleeping 😉

Bad news….our fireplace is going to be torn out at the beginning of next week.  It’s smack dab in the middle of our house too.  They cannot remove it from the back because we have an addition on our house.  It is going to be such a mess.  I’m dreading it.  Thankfully, the demo and the installation of the new unit will only take one day.   Which means I only have to contain the kids to the dining room and den for one day.   While another unexpected expensive project is bad, progress on the house is always good.

Good news….Jason booked an awesome vacation for us this summer, I can’t wait, we sooooo need it.  And he fixed our fence in the backyard tonight (ok, so it’s rigged, but it still counts)!  Now the kids can play outside in our backyard again for the first time since the storm, can’t wait!  I bought the little one a pool and both kids a sprinkler to run through on hot days (think photo op!).

Thanks for stopping in and listening to my ramblings, I better get back to work….