don’t let these sweet little faces fool you.  these two are always up to something.  al-ways.  snapped this at the door as I dropped her off for a playdate this morning.  these girls will drop their respective mom’s like a hot potato if it means they get to be together.  I think we’re on playdate #3 between our houses for the week…..inseperable these two (wasn’t this just yesterday?!).  If they aren’t together, they are asking to be.


T never takes off her half of their best friends necklace (Carol you did awesome with that gift btw!!).  Oh, and yes, T also informed me that Alli is a better Mom than me because she lets them play in powdered sugar and I don’t.  Better mom….or crazy?  Maybe both!?  I’m totally ok with that if it means I don’t have to clean up another mess!  HA!!!!  😉