One of the things I love about being a custom portrait photographer is that I get to help my clients figure out fun and creative ways to use and share their photos.  I offer everything from helping them design photo walls for their home, to albums, gallery wrapped canvas, storyboards and custom designed coffee table books.

I decided it was time to freshen up some of my samples and thought I’d share a few quick snapshots of one of my coffee table books.  This is very simple in design, the session was a mini session.  There is so much you can do, even with a mini!! 

I have several other books on the way.  I want one for every type of session, maternity, newborns, toddlers, teens and family.  I can promise that these photos totally don’t do it justice, its gorgeous in person!  The best part is that they are totally customized to each client….every little aspect, from images to design, elaborate or simple, full images or collages, text, background color or texture, every little thing!

Images are printed directly on to the book and spine – no bulky or loose dust cover!  This one shows just one image on the front, but you could do one on the back or even a collage that wraps around.


Each book comes with a cover page.  For newborns, this is a great spot to add in the birthday, birth stats, etc.


My favorite part!!  When you turn the pages, the lay flat…


sample pages…love how the image on the left goes all the way to the edge


my favorite pages…vroom vroom





The last page can be specially designed with text or an image, your choice.


I have many other more detailed designs to showcase just about any type of session…I’ll be sure to share more images of other samples soon!  To my clients with sessions coming up, I always bring samples with me, I think its good to see first hand what you are ordering ahead of time!  And you just can’t appreciate how gorgeous these truly are until you have one in your hand.  These also make great gifts!  My mom can attest to that – she practically jumps up and down every time we have a book printed for her with images of the kids =)