That’s about all I’ve got tonight.  I’ve been working my tail off trying to get everything ready for the grand opening of Life in Motion Photography, new forms, new info packets, new everything.  It’s all finally starting to come together and I am really excited about it!  And we’re still fighting the sickies at our house, yuck. 

Enough yabberin, on to the snapshots….

Look who it is…long time no see huh?  Posing for a sneak peek into his new room.  He chose the colors and it’s gonna look pretty darn cool when it’s done!


Ok, so there is nothing fabulous about this photo.  Unless of course you consider that it contains 1 pair of piggy pj’s, 1 set of maryjane rainboots, fun sidewalk chalk and a fabulous almost 3 year old who uses words like "OAPS" and "CATTIN".  HeHe….she pronounces "opps" like "oats" with a p.  Cracks me up every time.  And what’s a "CATTIN" you ask?  Why that would be a baby cat, of course!  Oh, and she starts every other sentence these days with "Well, actually…."  Almost 3 going on 30.


Her art, and mine.  Shared office space.


Her job.  Thanks Ms. Alli for the pretty pink flowers and the pretty princess "watering cup" as she’s named it.  She loves her job.