Compliments of Ty.  I made he and I a late breakfast this morning after everyone else had eaten.  I walked away to check on something and when I came back, I found a little happy in my bowl…


A little history….my mom gave us the wonderful gift of maid service for 3 months after the baby was born (uh, best gift EVER!).  They stopped coming a few weeks ago and I must have mentioned a few times how much I miss our maids because Ty proposed to my mom that he give up one of his birthday gifts this year if we could re-hire the maids.  How thoughtful and kind is he?!?  I just love him.

It’s a good thing he has this thoughtful and kind heart, because he’s also got an ornery, been misbehaving at school side that has been rearing its ugly head a lot lately.  After the week he had, this Momma needed a little happy.