Aug 07, 2007
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I miss my camera.  I really do.  I’m so tired and so sick.  I’m ready to reach the end of the 24/7 gag fest that has invaded my life.  I find myself wanting to sleep all the time, because it’s the only time I’m not focused on how awful I feel.  I can’t think about food, it makes me sick.  For some reason the gagging has become a source of laughter for the other members of this family.  And if I’m in a decent mood, I sometimes laugh along with them.  It really is ridiculous.

Now that Taryn has her own table and chairs, it’s been a challenge to get her to eat in her highchair.  She does really well with it though, I’ve been surprised.  Here she is with her cereal this morning….how y’all like that bedhead?!?  LOL!  It makes you wonder, what does she do while she’s sleeping??


not too sure about seeing mom with the camera again, especially first thing in the morning…


but, being the little trooper she is, in true ornery Stradtner fashion, she sports her favorite silly face for my benefit…


little stinker.

  • Lynds – I am so sorry you are sick with this little one. My pregnancy with Tristyn was the same way and it was awful. I’m sure people are bombarding you with advice but the doctor put me on Unisom and for some strange reason it worked wonders. If I didn’t take that every night I would end up in the hospital the following. As long as I was consistant with taking it, I wasn’t sick.

  • should have read..if I didn’t take that every night I would end up in the hospital the following day!

  • Before I forget, congratulations on your pregnancy! 🙂 Just sorry about the sickness. Love the pictures of Taryn. We have the same bowl, same spoon, and same bedhead!! LOL Beautiful smooth hair in the front and a horrible rat’s nest in the back!! Cracks me up every single morning.

    The house looks great too. Best wishes on a speedy sell.

  • Hang in there hun! I so know how you feel about food, gagging, being sick, etc. I didn’t think 24/7 morning sickness could get much worse than it was with Owen, but this pregnancy has been so bad I needed IV therapy. Lovely, right?? But the end result is worth it.

    The new pics of Taryn are too cute. They made me laugh. What a character she is.

    Take care and rest up!

  • Funny kid you have there:) It’s fun when they want to be so independent isn’t it?;)

    Hope you start feeling better! I’m in the second trimester and I swear I could fall asleep standing up these days. The nausea has passed though, so I hope you get that lucky!

  • The first photo looks like she’s asleep in her Pops. 🙂

  • I tried the unisom cure too. It worked for me for about a week. After that I had to go on zofran. I felt like a brand new person after that! They now have a generic version of it, so it’s not so darn expensive.
    You might want to look into it. 🙂
    congrats on listing the house!

  • Brittany Delaune

    She is a doll!! Shes absoulutely beautiful!! Good Luck with your pregnancy!

  • Hope your morning sickness goes away soon and you get a little bit of your energy back. Taryn is to cute, my youngest girl’s hair looks about the same every morning. We bought a cd at Pottery Barn Kids and there is a song on the cd called “My Hair Had a Party Last Night”, I always tell Katie that is her song when we play it and she just giggles and laughs but gets mad if it is her brother or sister telling her, lol. It is a goofy but cute song.