We’re doing a little house cleaning around here tonight, the blog may look funny, act funny or you might not be able to see anything.  Hopefully things go smoothly and we’re up and running again soon!

Important to note:  The link to this blog has changed.  The previous address referenced Giggles-n-Grins Photography.  With our move to Texas, we decided to change the name of the business as well, to Life in Motion Photography.  I didn’t want to give up over a year of blogging when I gave up the GnG name, so Jase did a few things to make it work through domain mapping.  Basically what this means is that I get to keep my blog the same but with the new business name.  So if you have me bookmarked or linked as gigglesngrinsphoto.typepad.com please change it to http://blog.lifeinmotionphotography.com/.

Also, if you have me linked from your blog, first, thanks, that rocks!  I’d like to ask that you link to "Life in Motion" or "Lyndsay Stradtner" as another photographer is using the Giggles-n-Grins Photography name and purchasing the website, I don’t want there to be any confusion.  Sorry to be such a pain!!