July is the month of birthdays in our family.  First me, then my mom and then Little T.  As it turns out, she had 3 parties, not really intentionally, but it was a lot of fun!  My mom threw her a party during our big family get together while we were in Louisiana.  It was so cool to see all the cousins together again, they’ve grown so much!  My mom and step-dad have 12 grandchildren, two live in Oregon so 10 were at the party.  Of those 10, Ty is the oldest, so you can imagine it gets a little, uhm, crazy!!  I do have some group shots of all of them together, but haven’t even opened them yet.

Prepare yourself for snapshot overload….

My mom ordered T the coolest cupcake cake – it was massive!  So big part of it fell off the side, but no one cared, it was gooooood.




Where is Taryn?  Well, since you asked, she would be under the table.  Sweet little thing was afraid when everyone started to sing, so she hid under the table until we were done…


But she returned, thankfully, without much coaxing. 


And she was good (we all know how much she loves to blow out candles).


And she took a que from Meredith and dove into her cake.  Niiiiice.


mmmmmmmm, good stuff



Time for gifts….it cracks me up how kids gather in so close for gift opening.


She dove right in




Fast forward a few weeks.  When we returned home, we had a little mini party on her actual birthday.  Candy donuts with candles on the morning of their birthday are a tradition for the kids, started by my mom.  She was off to the side in this shot because once again, she dove under the table while we sang.


We didn’t do much that day because we had just returned from our hellacious trip to Seaworld.  We played and Ty fixed her her favorite lunch, mac-n-cheese, from scratch.  And that night we did cake…


and she got to open one gift from us and dive into her box from her Grandma and Grandpa, Ty helped.


Note to self:  next time skip the gift and just buy the kid bubble wrap.  Seriously.


Because we were on vacation and just really busy, her actual birthday party with her friends in Texas got pushed off to this past weekend.  I’ll post those pics tomorrow, but here’s a little preview….It was a Tea party with T =)