here lately.  Not normally like me, I love blogging and relish the 10-15 minutes a day it takes.  It’s my time, just for me, and I love having it.  But, me time hasn’t been abundant.  Jase was out of town for a few days while his dad had surgery.  My father-in-law is doing good, so good, they let him go home already.  We are so thankful and pray the biopsy comes back clear.  Then as soon as Jase got home from Corpus, we had to gear up for Taryn’s 3rd birthday party the next day.  We’re in birthday party overload.  Somehow it happened that our little 3 year old ended up having 3 parties.  Not intentionally, it just kind of happened that way.  Prepare yourself for birthday party pics overload this week….we had A LOT of fun!  And then somewhere in the middle of all that, I managed to hurt my back.  It was a little sore yesterday during Taryn’s party, but today, it’s full on pain.  I think I did it while lifting Taryn…ouch!

I meant to post this last week and just didn’t get to it.  I am doing a series of images of Teagan in his crib over the first year….man what a difference a few months makes!


Stay tuned for lots of birthday pics tomorrow!