I have to tell you that I love planning the details of parties.  I am totally a last minute person though, when I say I threw this together last minute, it’s 100% the truth.  With all of our trips and then Jason going to Corpus, I didn’t have a lot of extra time.  Alli can vouch for me…she helped me try and hunt down petit fours just hours before the party because I didn’t order them in enough time.  Procrastinator?  Yes, but I like to call it busy πŸ˜‰

Anyway, T was over the moon thrilled with all the pink.  She looooooves pink.  Jase and I stayed up late Friday night decorating since her party was Saturday morning and when she woke up, she gasped outloud.  I love that.   We kept the guest list small and let T invite two friends, which was just perfect.  We planned dress up with tutu’s, fancy hats, jewelry, a couple of crafts and of course, tea and cake.  Waiting on her friends to arrive, she danced and twirled….







I chose one bag of cookies and she chose one…any guesses on which is which?  LOL!


Goodie bags for each of the girls




Ok, enough details, let’s get to the party!  The girls got to decorate their own princess crowns and magic wands.  Taryn was very into having her own bottle of glue.  Let’s just say it’s gonna take a few more days to dry.


The fabulous Ms. Lily showed up in one of T’s party dresses….I literally jumped up and down when I saw her in it.


Taryn HAD to pour the tea herself.



And y’all know how much Meredith loves cake πŸ˜‰


T was very into opening gifts, it went quick.



Her absolute favorite thing of the day, her pink "cut-tar".


Even Ty dug the guitar


speaking of Ty, I thought it was awful nice of him to put on real clothes for one of the first times this summer, just for his sister.  Real clothes as in, a nice shirt and pants, instead of gym shorts and an adidas shirt with crocs.  I think T thought he needed to be wearing some pink though LOL!  He’s such a good sport.


And what do the guys doing while the girls have tea?  Well, of course, they Wii.


This capture is noisy as can be and had wonky color so you get it in black and white.  Not to mention that I had to twist around my dining room chair to catch it, but here is that silly Lily, sporting her party dress, shovel in one hand, microphone in the other, but it’s the pumpkin hat that makes the outfit….don’t ya think!


A quick storyboard (a few repeats from above) of some of the details…


A few things about Taryn at this age….

Her favorite color is pink (just in case you’re color blind as referenced in the above images :P).  She loves to go to "the cow place" aka Chick-Fil-A.  She always wants to go "in"…into the grocery store, into the drug store, into the restaurant, because she "likes people"…yet she’s very shy and hides under the dining room table when the doorbell rings.  She loves her dog more than the moon.  Gets very loud at 4:30 pm, no matter what.    Driving past the water fountains outside Target is a must, every single time we go.  Her favorite book is "The Big Green Pocketbook" and we know it by heart.  Loves mac-n-cheese, but especially when Ty makes it for her.   Truly believes she is "Super T".

Happy Birthday my sweet girl.  You are so smart and funny.  I am so lucky to spend my days with you.  I can’t believe you are 3 already.  We love you.