This morning, as I was dozing in and out, trying to convince myself to put at least one foot out of the bed, Jason was up with the kids cooking breakfast.  As I dozed out again I felt a little tap on my forehead, just between my eyes.  And before I even opened them, I thought it would be Taryn standing there, because that is her old trick.  But it was Teagan.  I opened them, smiled in surprise that it was him, and groggily closed them again.  He said “Momma, Momma, I ready”.  “You’re ready bud?”, I asked, assuming he meant ready to play, ready to start his day, ready to go.  But my little man said “Ready to ‘nuggle….” and he climbed up and laid his head on my chest, his little hand patting my shoulder and my face and he looked up at me and smiled.  He stayed there for what seemed like forever in toddler time, but it must have been real time about 20 minutes.  And I loved it.