Many of you know MC.  Or if you don’t know her personally, you’ve heard me talk about her.  She is a local that I mentor.  But more importantly, she’s now my friend.  She is strong, and gracious, and kind.  She has a positive attitude about her life and her loves.  She is an awesome mom and a strong, faithful wife.  She embraces life and the beautiful things around her and I admire her so much for the woman she is.  I am so proud of where she is taking her photography, a place with intention and an open heart.  I told Jason I was nervous about our session tonight and he said “why?!  you go out shooting with MC all the time?”  Because I really wanted her images so reflect the beauty and strength that so many others see in her.  I hope these do.

And now, as promised in 10 on Tuesday this week….a little funny.  Remember this maternity mentoring session MC and I did together?  Well at one point during the session I asked MC to “go stand over there and act pregnant so I can test the light”….you know, to mimic the client.  She walked over and struck a post, E, our model, throws out a “when are you due?!” and MC threw back a “SHUT IT”.  ((((note to self, include “don’t say shut it to client” lesson during future mentoring LOL))))  In all fairness, E and MC are friends, so it was pretty funny.  Just a few days later, we found MC had already had her first official, unofficial, maternity shot, she was expecting.  I thought it would be fun to return there tonight and take an official, official version.

Congratulations again my friends….I can’t wait to meet the new little one and am pretty much planning on moving right in and making myself comfortable in the name of newborn photography once he arrives.