Our house is all a buzz over the Bump Contest.  Ty is psyched!  Sooooooo excited about his photograph making the Top 10.  We’ve all been talking about it all day and dreaming of an awesome trip to Jamaica.  We really want to win!  Thanks to those who have voted for us, we appreciate it!!  I was thinking if we do win, we could get Jase a dreadlock wig for the trip and maybe even have him do a little celebration dance to share here on the blog…y’all know how he loves to dance….how much fun would that be?!

Please don’t forget, you can vote here once a day, every day, until Friday!  THANK YOU!!

Just one photo from yesterday.  We went to Ty’s soccer party.  His coach is the Captain of the Flagship Texas on Lake Travis.  We went on a 2 hour cruise and it was a great time!  Ty got a medal for his efforts on the team, Taryn loved her first visit on a boat and Teagan hung out and blew drool bubbles most of the time.  It was such a gorgeous day, but hot!