Yes, this is my peanut wearing a summer dress in the dead of winter. It was gorgeous today and Taryn and I were feeling cooped up so we went around the block to my mom’s house. We had to stay in all day yesterday because we had people here working on our alarm system.

I love this one….I can’t tell you how many hours I spent sitting on that step, talking on the phone as a teenager, many!!


Tight crop required here because she LOVES getting into the flower beds at my mom’s house and rearranging all the rocks. She had plenty of rocks (and mud) in her hands at this point.


And just one more of her in her new favorite t-shirt. I had to trick her to get these. I stood outside and when the garbage men drove by I called her and she came running. She loves the garbage truck and the mail lady….the things I’ll do for a good shot! 🙂