about me. I got tagged by Julie! Ok, so here goes….

1. I love first aid kits. I would buy one every single day if I could. I have several for the house, the car, my purse, diaperbag. Before the storm I even had one for a boat. I don’t own a boat.

2. I eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. My best friends Mom when I was little used to make them for us and I still eat them to this day. I am secretly thrilled I got Taryn hooked on them (Ty would never go for it). Heather do your kids eat them???

3. I have a brother named Brian whose girlfriends name is Kim. I have a step brother named Christopher. I have a step sister named Kim, whose husband’s name is Brian and their last name is Christoper.

4. I will leave every cabinet and drawer open in the house and not think twice about it but it drives me crazy if the toilet seat is left up or the shower curtain left open.

5. I got goosebumps the first time I saw my husband. I looked out the window as he walked past my condo and I felt something immediately change.

6. The night Ty was born I stayed up all night long. I stared at him and talked to him until the sun came up.

hmmmm….who should I tag?? Anna, Kim, Erin, Jaidean & Stephanie