Mar 11, 2008
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I love the number 3.  Always have.  I just do things in 3’s.  Besides the fact that I have 3 kids, I hang photos in groups of 3’s, I always line stuff up in 3’s….yeah, I probably have some weird form of 3 OCD.  Looks like even though Teagan looks like his daddy (although he is more of a mix than Taryn), he likes the #3 too.

First, he’s sporting 3 chubbies on each leg.  And now this….gotta love the 3 chins!


Classic 1 month old deer in the headlights look too!  Ha!  Thankfully I caught a few that are announcement worthy yesterday, so I need to finish them up here pretty soon and get them out.

  • Megan

    I’m the same way with the number 3! I haven’t checked your blog for a few days, and I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad that everything turned out fine with Teagan’s test results. What a blessing!

    Oh, and once you get the birth announcements out and everyone receives them, you MUST share them here! Please?!?!

  • Hehe… love his 3 chins! =) .. (I have some weird thing about symmetry, it’s crazy really..)

  • OMG! Another lover of the number three, here!

  • Heather

    LOL! Love his little triple chin! Now only if my double chin looked so cute on me.. lol.

  • LOL! You and me both Heather!!

  • Amy

    Those eyes!!! Absolutely unbelievable. Sigh….he is just so cute and teeny…perfect.