about today is that we just got Teagan’s test results back early and he tested negative for the birth defect!  We’ve been assured that the first test was nothing more than a false positive.  We are so thankful our baby is well.  I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing when I heard the voice on the other end of the telephone.  And when I called Jason a few minutes later, I heard a huge sigh of relief, as if he’d been holding it in since Friday.  God heard our prayers and all of yours too….thank you all! 

I wrote this in Teagan’s birth story post and it keeps running through my head…"One thing we have learned is that the health of
our children, is indeed, a gift.  It’s not something we are entitled
to, should expect, or ever, for even one second, take for granted."  And we don’t, we are so thankful for the news we received today.  It’s a gift.  You are all right, he’s ours, and he’s perfect for us, no matter what challenges come our way, but we’re so happy with the outcome of the tests.

Ok, another big sigh of relief.

The 2nd best thing about today?  Ty is home all week.  Spring break baby!  I love having him home.  We were all geared up for our first trip to the pool but its raining and nasty outside.  The kids are bummed, but I don’t mind it that much.  It barely rains here and I can’t get used to it.

The 3rd best thing about today?  It’s a bi-product  of the second best thing.  Building blanket forts in the dining room with your really cool big brother.  Snuggling down with your favorite blankies, pillows and stuffed animals while it storms outside….


And yes, that’s my little lady, picking away.  What is it about 2 year olds picking their nose?  It can’t be just mine?!? 

The 4th best thing about today?  The yummy smelling pot roast in the crock pot….why does comfort food taste better on yucky weather days?  Anything in a crock pot or breakfast for dinner is perfect rainy day weather food if you ask me.

The 5th best thing about today?  I love daylight savings time.  It’s a photographer’s friend.  I’ll gladly trade extra light for an hour of sleep (eh, we’re not getting much anyway!).  I’m hopeful there will be enough light when Jason gets home today to snap a few photos I need for Teagan’s birth announcements.  I wonna get them done and out already!

The 6th best thing about today?  I broke down and bought a glider for Teagan’s nursery.  I tried to avoid the expense to see if I’d really miss having on in there, and I do, so I bought one.  Upholstered, tan, microfiber, big, comfy chair.  I wanted the luxurious chocolate brown one, but was feeling to cheap to fork over the extra money.  The one I got will be perfect, can’t wait until its delivered next week!

The 7th best thing about today?  I ordered a massive amount of prints from shots I’ve taken over the last month.  I haven’t ordered anything I’ve shot since last May.  How sad is that?  Maybe one or two prints here  and there when we did Christmas cards, but that’s it.  Pathetic.  Well, I ordered a bunch.  And I ordered BIG.  I love ordering big stuff and need to do it more often.  This, this and this are living large on our mantel right now until they find a permanent home in our house.  T’s will go on her bookcase in her room.  Love it.  And even more are on the way from the lab!

The 8th best thing about today?   Teagan got a new chubbie on his legs.  Here he has 2, but now he has 3.  I love a chubby little breastfed babies.

The 9th best thing about today?  Ideas for the new business are spinning around in my head.  I am really looking forward to getting things moving again.  I miss working.  I miss connecting with those I photograph.  I miss the creativity.  I’m anxious to get back to it all, but may end up needing the rest of my maternity leave to get all the business stuff in line.  Lots to do, and I can’t wait!  I’ll be announcing an exciting contest here pretty soon, so watch for it, if you’re local, you could win BIG!

OK, so I thought I’d make it to 10 best things, but 9 is pretty good and Mr. Teagan is looking for me!