I got another round of prints in today.  Including the 12×12’s I ordered for Teagan’s nursery…..


They look much sharper and crisp in person.  I really love seeing my images in print, I need to be placing orders much more often, I’ve really gotten to be bad about it.  I have no excuse either.  I upload all the images I take each month into an online album and then share it with our family and friends.  This way, if there is anything they want to order, they can get exactly what they want.  I used to just take requests from the grandparents, but that got a little overwhelming (and expensive).  My mom is a total self-proclaimed photo junky (that’s where I get it from!).  If you ask her which she’d rather have in her family, a doctor or a lawyer, she’d say "neither, I want a photographer!".  No kidding!  Anyway, I upload at the end of every month so there is no excuse for me to not order some for myself, other than being lazy.

A few of you posted comments asking what lab I use.  For family stuff, mpix is easy, because I can upload and share with family.  Mpix is the consumer side of Miller’s professional lab.  For business stuff, I’ve tested out quite a few online pro labs but have actually had the best luck with White House, Custom Color.  I am however looking for a good pro local lab before opening the new business here in Austin.  It’s on my quite long to do list =)