photo of teenage girl drawing

Our new site has a tree trunk seat in the field surrounding us.  It is the perfect place to escape when you’re a teenager with feral brothers everywhere.  Ha!  There was a time when she was all tutus, pink cowboys boots, pigtails and tea parties.  But it doesn’t surprise us a bit that she’s skipping the typical teenage clothes obsession, makeup, being boy crazy, etc.  I guess with four brothers it is a bit expected.  This girl can handle a room a boys!  She’d rather be writing, drawing, bird watching, talking Jude’s ear off and emailing her bff.  I love that she can grow up spending a ton of time outside, not giving a flip about getting dirty or how she looks (not wearing shoes ha!) or what other people think of her.  The middle school years can be brutal.  She missed out on it.  And if you ask her, she’ll tell you she is so happy about that.  She’s always the first to tell everyone how much she loves life on the road!