2011-06-15T15:16:19-05:00June 15th, 2011|My Family, One Frame A Day|

1.  Summer if off to a great start already!  I’m loving spending so much time with my kids!!  Yes, after last year, we needed a healthy start to summer and we’ve had just that.  So very thankful.

2.  We had one week of no carpool, no transporting kids everywhere and then this week football camp started so we’re back it.  I love it though.  Busy!

3.  And do you know what comes after football camp?!  FOOTBALL!  I’m SO ready this year, SO ready!  The day football camp started I began working on my husband to get our cable turned back on.  I’m determined to have as much football as possible in this house come fall.  I have not missed […]