boys pretend american idol

Before we left Texas we packed up all the boys toys.  We are moving really fast, every 3 days, to get where we need to be before Jason’s first day on the new job.  And we are just tired of picking them up all the time.  Zachary is in a phase where he drags everything out and throws things everywhere.  No toys has been glorious!  For several reasons….first less to clean.  Second, they are spending more time with our bin of books and reading.  Third, we have seen so much more imaginative play happening.  Their newest game is trying out for American Idol.  One of the 3 boys sits on the bed and sings a song (it always includes at least one lyric about poop….because boys) and the other 2 sit on the dresser and decide if they make it through to the next round or not.  Then we hear a resounding “You’re going to Hollywood!”  Complete with a golden ticket lol!  They started out singing in to the toy hammer we forgot to pack away.  Later today I noticed they had used painting tape to attach our wool dryer ball to toy screwdriver to use as a microphone.  I’m pretty sure when we slow down a little I’m just going to unpack the outside toys and leave the inside ones hidden a bit longer.