I posted this almost a year ago and failed miserably.  I decided I need some structure to actually pull it off.  Anne Marie found an idea on Flickr of taking a pic of you with your child or children once a week for a year.  Love this idea!  Makeup, no makeup, hair fixed or not.  Just want you guys to know, right up front, it might not be pretty, or even in focus!  But I hope it’ll be fun and become easier for me to get in front of the camera and those around me more willing to pick it up on their own.  I can take it, have someone else take it, use the camera timer or just use my long monkey arms.  Yeah, I’m starting a little late, but better late than never right? 

So, in yet another effort to prove to my children in photographs that I do actually exist, I give you, but mostly them, the 3 T’s & Me

I added it to the sidebar too =)

ps – I told y’all I do things in 3’s….3 posts in one day!  HA!