Zachary is 3 days new.  It’s amazing how much we know about him already.  He’s scowly, like Taryn.  He also has her hands and long fingers.  He has hair exactly like Ty’s when he was born.  Both on the top and in the back.  It’s amazing how just the back of his little head can bring me right back to a moment 19+ years ago.  He also has Ty’s big feet (he can wrap his long toes around our finger lol).  But really, he looks so much like Jude.  Which is crazy because Jude looks like me but Zachary also really looks like Jason.  The first of all our boys to look like him really.  He is grunty like Jude was as a baby too.  He has Jonah and Jason’s chin dimple, which I am absolutely in love with.  He’s such a mix of all of us but so much his own too.