about me. I found this challenge on Amanda’s blog. I pass on the challenge to anyone who wants to participate πŸ™‚ So here they are, 100 things, the good, the bad and the ugly…

1 I love taking pictures.
2 I can’t stand having my picture taken.
3 My husband and I have a romantic love story, it was destiny.
4 I am organized with certain things and not with others.
5 My husband and I have an ongoing 5 year debate over how tall I am (I’m right).
6 I married my husband in Hawaii.
7 My favorite color is green
8 I never do laundry, my husband does it all.
9 I do all the dishes though.
10 Both of my children were born early.
11 I am very devoted to my husband and children, they come first, always, no matter what.
12 I hope to have another baby next year and secrety hope its a boy.
13 I love to see my husband dressed up, it makes me giddy.
14 I like playing with my daughter and all her girly toys.
15 I don’t like math.
16 I get my creative nature from my mom.
17 I don’t like wearing socks in the house.
18 I ate macaroni and cheese doused with mustard when I was pregnant with Ty.
19 I ate pickles dipped in salsa when I was pregnant with Taryn.
20 I can’t wait to sell our house and move.
21 I can’t go to sleep if the toilet seat is up.
22 I love peanut butter.
23 I like to cook.
24 I miss living where there is snow.
25 I am not a patient person – at all.
26 I wish I could sing.
27 I tell Ty the same thing every night before he goes to bed and have since the day he was born.
28 I wore colored contacts in high school and thought they were cool.
29 I leave cabinet doors open all the time and it drives my husband batty.
30 I sometimes dream about taking photographs.
31 I will occasionally photoshop someone in my mind as they are talking to me (weird, I know).
32 I rarely replace an empty role of toilet paper.
33 I love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
34 I don’t watch scary movies.
35 I am deathly afraid of bridges.
36 I get upset when my husband throws household items away.
37 I love to travel.
38 My husband is my biggest cheerleader and supports my dream and love of photography.
39 I like to be inspired by others.
40 I don’t like to use the word “hate” unless it is truly how I feel.
41 I hate what Katrina did to my family.
42 Days of our Lives is my guilty pleasure.
43 I seriously love my birthday.
44 I count down to by birthday for at leave 60 days.
45 I don’t like to fix my hair, but I used to before the baby was born.
46 I think America’s Funnies Home Videos is the best show on tv. So does Ty.
47 I believe in creatively disciplining my children (remember snoopy Ty wrapping his own gifts?)
48 I’m a Mac girl.
49 I love our dog Kylie but can’t stand our cat Tigger. She’s mean.
50 I like home improvement tv shows.
51 My second baby is a honeymoon baby.
52 Jason adopted Ty after we got married. It was his idea and I love that.
53 There are a lot of things I wish I could change about myself.
54 I was once a legal assistant.
55 I love Ty for who he is, funny, chatty and full of life.
56 Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
57 I loved going camping with my dad as a kid.
58 I don’t like to drive at night.
59 I miss breastfeeding.
60 I look forward to seeing who my children turn out to be.
61 I would like to live in Hawaii.
62 I think my husband is one of the funniest people I know.
63 I was once a VA official for a University.
64 I miss working with veterans.
65 I feel bad for lying about Santa to my kids.
66 I believe that in general, people are good.
67 My children had the same stats when they were born, height and weight, freaky.
68 I say I love you to my husband often, and mean it.
69 I can’t juggle.
70 My family laughs a lot.
71 I never, ever go to bed early.
72 I wish I had more friends.
73 I vaccum my house every other day.
74 I’m tired of Star Wars.
75 I don’t wear a watch, but I should, and it drives me crazy.
76 I enjoy Sesame Street.
77 I believe in angels.
78 I laugh at the “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” commercials.
79 I believe the best thing about going to the movies is the snacks.
80 I wish we were done rebuilding our home.
81 I will pay attention to windows and natural lighting when purchasing our next house.
82 I love my husband more every day and feel so lucky to have him.
83 I think baby kisses are the best!
84 I was a single mom for a long time.
85 I was a cheerleader in High School.
86 I think Superman could kick Batman’s ass.
87 I miss my clothes and shoes Katrina ate.
88 I love Wonder Woman.
89 I once started to write a book, but it was lost.
90 I don’t own enough clothes to make it through a week.
91 I need to loose weight and buy more clothes.
92 I think my son will live an adventurous life, which scares me.
93 I have been saying “seriously” more often since Grey’s Anatomy first aired.
94 I love it when my husband wears blue because it brings out the color in his eyes.
95 I have never had braces.
96 I usually have a Silly Songs With Larry song stuck in my head….no hair for my hairbush….
97 I’m getting a new camera on Monday and I named it Stepahnie πŸ˜›
98 I think all sheets, bedding, towels and dishes should be white.
99 I would be completely lost in this world without my mom, she’s the best.
100 I once tried on all my tutu props when no one was home, and it was fun.

I’m sure I’ll live to regret that last one but live and live large right?!