1.  Now that I’m working again, I have grown to dread Mondays.  Mondays I wake up to a messy house, clothes everywhere, dishes everywhere, just a mess that is the result of mom being gone all weekend long.  It takes all week to recover and then it happens all over again.  Am I the only one that feels like it takes me all week long to recover from the weekend?  I don’t think I’ve felt like that since college lol.

2.  Taryn has learned the art of schmoozing.  Exhibit A:

T:  Mommy, you are so pretty.
Me:  Awww, than–
T:  Can I have some milk?


After handing her some applesauce out of the fridge….
T:  Mommy, you are a genius!!
Me:  Oh, do you thin–
T:  Can I have some chocolate pie too?


3.  If you know me well, you will be shocked and amazed by #3 this week.

I am soooo not a play-doh mom.  Just the idea of it makes me all nervous and flustered.  I never, not once, let Ty play with play-doh.  Yeah, I’m a cruddy mom.  It’s been so bad that when my children would receive it as a gift, I had no qualms about throwing it out before it even entered our front door.  I have to tell you, that even though it is actually in our house and our child is playing with it, it still makes me crazy.  I do better if I play with it with her….I did the heart.  But honestly, all I can think about is it getting all over the floor, in the carpet, hard little pieces all over the house, on the bottom of our shoes, in someones hair, in someones teeth.  Yes, I’m a freak.  I had to distract myself by playing with my camera to make it through the last 20 minutes.

4.  A play-doh confession:  Every . Single . Day I worry about it being our turn to bring play-doh to Taryn’s pre-k class.   Every . Single . Day.  The parents take turns every few weeks.  I think it’s alphabetical because we haven’t had our turn yet.  I’m dreading it.  Horribly.  It’s one thing to face my freakish fear of play-doh by bringing it in the house for the kids to play with.  It’s another thing to make it.  I don’t want them to know I can make it.  I’ll then never have an out.  I’ll never be able to say “they don’t make it anymore” or “the store ran out of it”.  I still don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s our turn to make and bring in the play-doh, but I work through different ways of getting out of it in my mind every . single . day.  Told you I’m a freak.

5.  Taryn’s favorite new response to anything is “a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do” with sass.  Taryn, please finish your dinner…..”a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do”…..Taryn, stop pestering Ty…..”a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do”   LOL   I have no clue where she got that.

6.  Homework helper.  Ty usually gets home before Teagan wakes up from his nap, so each day he goes in to get him.  Teagan gives him a kiss after Ty lifts him out of his crib, then he rocks with me for a few minutes in the living room to wake up.  Eventually he’ll climb down and head over to the dining room to hang out with Ty, play under the table and help him with his homework.

7.  I love taking Ty to subway.  Without fail, every single time we go, he asks for “Herb” bread.  As in the name “Herb”….not the spice.  So, so funny.

8.  Evening routine…..waiting on daddy.

9.  I got gorgeous stuff in the mail today – gorgeous.  Three coffee table books.  I’ll take pics and share soon!

10.  2 weeks and counting….how do you like the swingin’ drool??  I think he was thinking about all the cake he’s going to get to eat throw at his party 😉

Happy Tuesday everyone!