1.  We have huge news at our house.  Taryn has a new favorite color.  When your life and house and all major 4 year old decisions revolve around a favorite color, when it changes, it’s huge.  We’ll be doing something to celebrate and embrace her new favorite hue of choice later this week.

2.  Even bigger news…..Taryn found something amazing at the beach.  I was so excited to tell her and I wish you could have seen her face, thrilled, tickled, breathless doesn’t even begin to describe it.  She found……..FRECKLES.  And whenever you talk about the freckles she found at the beach, her shoulders rise a little and her face lights up with the deepest giggle you’ve ever heard.  Cutest thing ever.  We started to name them.  So far we’ve got a bob, a larry, a wilbur, a fred, a lucy and a winona.  We have quite a few more to name yet.  You can sort of see them on this super duper cropped in image from the beach….

3.  Must get video of her talking about her freckles on video.  I never want to forget it.

4.  See the two red headed yahoos in the middle of this vacation photo?  One of my favorite moments of our 10 days away was on the very last day when Teagan had a lightbulb moment and realized that the two boys are twins and that there are actually TWO of them.  It was so funny, my step sister and her 4 boys live next door to my mom and larry, so they are constantly in and out, playing, all over the place, etc.  It was usually one or the other and Teagan never played with them both at the same time.  Well the last night we were there Noah was sitting on the floor playing with Teagan when Nick walked in and sat next to them.  The confused look on Teagan’s face was priceless.  Back and forth, back and forth, point, point, wait a minute, light bulb!  Cracked us up!

5.  Today is MC’s birthday, I hope you have a great day my friend!!

6.  Oh, check this out…..here too….a few of my images featured by Tina Parker at My Lil Creations.  Thanks for thinking of me Tina to help showcase your beautiful designs!

7.  I’ve had a few people ask for information on Teagan’s outfit as shown here:

Both the linen cuffed pants and the white linen shirt came from Janie & Jack on sale.  The tie I got from this seller on etsy and the glasses came from build-a-bear of all places.  I also bought a cute polka-dot bow tie that is just too cute for words.

8.  Jase and I have decided to learn how to make martinis.  We started with a yummy rasberry recipe last night.  Does anyone have any great martini recipes you’d like to share?

9.  Another favorite vacation moment….Taryn had the opportunity to play with another 4 year old and I about fell over laughing when I walked past and heart Taryn say “Well…..I’ll play with you….BUT….I already have a best friend.  Her name is Lily.  She is crazy and I love her.”  Bwahahaha

10.  Stay tuned later today for the first of the mini session shares….it’s coming!